Grace Baptist Church Library Summary

The GBC Library and Media Center will provide a well-organized, easily accessible catalog of books as well as electronic media.  The Center will offer valuable study tools for all ages.  It will be located in the back of the church in what used to be the youth pastor’s office, next to the youth room.  The content of the Center will be structured in the following way:

  • Books will be cataloged using the “Bible Catalog System” – an arrangement which allows any book to be cataloged under the specific book of the Bible to which it pertains (i.e.  “The Book of Origins” would be cataloged in the Genesis section).  Commentaries of specific Bible books would belong in this section also.  All sixty-six books of the Bible will be organized as individual sections.  All books in each section will be organized by author and then in alphabetical order.

  • “Reference Books” – These books consist of compiled information, general in nature, that concerns all sixty-six books of the Bible. These books will be arranged in alphabetical order.  Reference books would include material such as:
    • Concordances
    • Dictionaries
    • Encyclopedias
    • Atlases
    • Commentaries that cover multiple books of the Bible
  • “Topical Books” – These books consist of a specific topic or subject and will be arranged by author and then in alphabetical order.  Topical books would be arranged in categories such as:
    • Bible Study
    • Children’s Books
    • Christian Living
    • Devotionals
    • Family Living
    • Parenting
    • Theology


  • “Media” – In addition to books, the library will also provide electronic media such as:
    • Sermon Audio Tapes & CDs
    • GBC Preaching / Teaching
    • Video Series (VHS & DVD)
    • Software – e-Sword, etc.


Computer Access
A couple of desks with computers will be set up for those who wish to do research at church.  These computers will be loaded with software such as e-Sword that will facilitate and encourage in-depth Bible study.

Specific materials and books that contain heretical or unclear teaching on clear Bible doctrine may be reviewed and marked-up as required by the leadership of the church.  The purpose of the mark-up is to apply discernment and identify theological error that may be presented by the author that may not be easily recognized by the reader.  A form will be available that can be filled out with pertinent information that will then be reviewed by the leadership to ensure doctrinal soundness.

Checkout Policy
Each item may be checked out for up to 3 weeks.  If an item has been checked out longer than 3 weeks, an email reminder will be sent out.  An envelope will be attached to each item that will contain a card that lists the return date of the item.

Donation Procedure
The library will be stocked initially by donations from church members.  Below is a list of 50 books considered “essential” for every Christian’s library.  Inside the library there will be a more comprehensive list of 800 approved sources.


The top 50 books Every Christian Should Have